Afforestation & Sustainability

Project ‘Nisargavedh’ was conceptualized, initiated, and implemented by CHIP Nagpur in 2016 under the theme “Nature for Future” with the milestones of afforestation, education, rural development, water conservation, and urban consciousness. For more details please visit


  • To aid the installation of plant saplings as a step towards land protection
  • Nurtured and prepared saplings are planted in the pit
  • Following the plantation, regular monitoring and replacement
  • Plantation in over 30 hectares
  • NISARGAVEDH project site
    Survey No. 96 & 97/1, Village – Wakeshwar, Off Nagpur Chandrapur Road, Left turn after Dongargaon, 3 Km inside from Nagpur Chandrapur Highway.

Water Conservation

  • Preservation, management, and development of surface and groundwater resources as well as the prevention of water pollution.
  • Aim to conserve water consists of drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, building of gabion and loose boulder structures, trench digging, and the construction of dams and water bodies

Urban Consciousness

  • Awareness – Sensitizing citizens of all ages to their duty for the restoration of the ecosystem
  • Wildlife exposure – A group of naturalists via nature trails assist the people in exploring the forest on foot as they cultivate knowledge of the native plants and wildlife
  • Research Platform- opportunity to research about diverse species of flora and fauna

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