The Board

Dr. C.S. Mukherji

As medical practitioners we witness human suffering on a daily basis. Truly valuable moments are when we are able do a little to alleviate a fraction of this hardship.

Vandana Kanoria, a trained Montessorian and teacher trainer. Ran her own Montessori for 40 years and now heads 2 NGO schools, one of them being CHIP.

Mrs. Vandana Kanoria

Mr. Hiru Mirapuri

Having enjoyed my stint in Publishing, with it’s myriad challenges, it’s been a privilege to bring my experiences to CHIP’s activities, and, of course, it’s been immensely gratifying.

She is an Actor/Producer/Advocate & Social Worker. Working with students, doctors, nurses, jail inmates, Anganwadi workers, and self-help groups during three decades of social work.

Ms. Kunickaa Sadanand

Dr. Sunita Banerjee

Medical Practitioner and an Aesthetician who started the Mumbai branch of CHIP 18 years ago. CHIP Mumbai works with the BMC to improve and augment the level of education provided to children attending BMC schools.

Anjali Mirchandani has been a member of CHIP Mumbai since 2007. A hobby artist she has been Treasurer of the Mumbai chapter and Secretary of the Governing Body.

Ms. Anjali Mirchandani

Mr. Neeraj Nayan Kanoria

Neeraj Nayan Kanoria is an industrialist turned global investment banker with 50 years of experience. An active Rotarian + associated with several NGOs & cultural organizations

Nita Sethia is a social worker and a parenting & healthy living coach. She is also a trustee of Tarun Sinha Mental Health Trust and an ex-president of Rotary Club Chowrenghee.

Mrs. Nita Sethia

Dr. Chand Bhargava

My 40 year journey as a medical consultant, has been about empowering, encouraging and equipping the less fortunate. Our movement has spread from the four walls of my humble chamber to the rest of India.

A well known business entrepreneur and environmentalist. Over the last decade Sukesh has led the transformation of 55 acres of flailing forest area adjacent to Nagpur into a dense forest with over 33,000 trees with an almost 100% survival rate of plants and an additional 95 acres to be forested. Apart from educating children in Wakeshwar we strive to create forests that flourish near cities!

Mr. Sukesh Loonkarnji Gandhi

Mrs. Uma Iyer

Through her corporate career as a Consultant & Advisor straddling technology, banking and new media companies, Uma Iyer has worked with several leading multinational companies. However it was her belief that only quality education will help transform the lives of young children which led her to join the CHIP Mumbai team.