Educational Programmes


Montessori Education

  • 150+ students enroll every year
  • Teachers are trained in-house in Montessori method
  • Focuses on physical, emotional, and social exercises of children
  • Cultivate a love for learning


  • Helps children in cognitive and motor skill development
  • Practical way of learning with play-away and fun methods
  • Parent engagement to encourage good parenting habits
  • Promote diversity and inclusion

School Enrichment Program

  • Create qualitative learning environment through activity-based learning
  • Holistic development for better opportunities to those schools which are deprived of materialistic facilities
  • Conduct teachers training to develop teaching techniques
  • PTM and home visits for increasing parents’ involvement

Nisarga Pathshala

  • Senior secondary stage, open classes every Sunday
  • English, life skills essentials, Mathematics, Science along with activities
  • Undergraduate/post graduate stage involving college students in nisargavedh project
  • Construction for water conservation, maintaining plants, nursery and de-weeding

Tuition Centre

  • Children of government schools come in the afternoon for tuitions.
  • There are 4 teachers and children are taken from the age of 5 to class 4
  • Education through computers is done regularly

SEEP Program

  • In association with the Primary School Board under the Government providing syllabus-based audiovisual English classes in Government Schools.
  • Santwanu Chatterjee is the Co-ordinator of the SEEP Program and looks after and follow-up with the schools.
  • Currently, we are working with 5+ schools.